You've reached the homepage of the London & District Choral Ensemble, a professional choir based in South London. The choir performs a wide range of music covering nine centuries, both sacred and secular, as a full choir or in small groups. The current choirmaster is the composer Benjamin Nunn.

The LDCE have performed a number of concerts since their formation in 1998, and members are also available for hire for weddings, parties and other engagements.


Everyone performing under the LDCE name will be a trained, and versatile musician, and when particular styles are required, we will always endeavour to supply the most appropriate singers for the occasion.

Generally we specialise in á capella (unaccompanied) choral music, particularly rennaissance / early music and 20th century / contemporary, but within the membership there is exceptional versatility.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality, and tailoring the musicians to suit requirements, so the LDCE choir that performs a concert of plainsong is unlikely to be the same as that which sings Wagnerian Opera for example

Away from sacred music, we have members who are experts in Madrigals, Barbershop, Folk and Popular styles, and we have performed material ranging from Gregorian Chant to Gilbert and Sullivan, from John Blow to John Tavener, from Bach to Britten.

While we perform predominantly á capella, we can arrange for organists/pianists or orchestral, folk, rock, jazz or other instrumentalists as well, given sufficient notice.


Choirs, quartets or small groups can be booked on a per-member basis, and are subject to the length of commitment required, VAT - where appropriate - and any travelling or other expenses incurred.

Discouted / unofficial rates will be given to regular bookers, and their friends!

Typical Wedding Service

(For an SATB quartet, including choirmaster, to perform two motets or show pieces, and sing harmonies to all hymns and songs where required.)

Choirmaster Fee: £125.
Singer Fees: 3 @ £75 = £225.
Expenses: £25.
Total: £375

Typical Large-Scale Wedding Service and Reception

(A choir of eight, plus choirmaster performing at the wedding service as above, and a barbershop quartet performing for one hour at the reception afterwards.)

Choirmaster Fee: £250.
Singer Fees: 5 @ £75, 3 @ £150 = £825.
Expenses: £40.
Total: £1115


Please feel free to get in touch, if you wish to book a choir, or if you are interested in joining the LDCE.

The choirmaster's email address is bennunn@depro.co.uk